GreenTown Urban Farming Workshops!

In partnership with the Waukegan Park District, GreenTown is providing educational workshops that will cover the basics of creating and taking care of an urban garden in your home. Registration for these classes is done through the Waukegan Parks District.

Call Jack Benny Center for the Arts 847-360-4740 to reserve your spot! All classes are held at Henry Pfau Callahan Park. 


Seedling Workshop #     Ages 10+

A good harvest begins with seeds and careful seedling care. Join us for an informative, hands-on and fun workshop under the spring sun! We will examine the hows and whys on seed germination, watering needs, temperature requirements, and a brief intro to soil amendments and soil health.  This class can serves as a proper introduction to anyone interested in the world of gardening and vegetable farming! Bring your own garden gloves!


HPC        SA           5/14       3pm-5pm            Reg by 4/30        Free

HPC        TR           8/4         6pm-8pm            Reg by 7/15        Free


Greens 101 #     Ages 10+

Know your garden greens, featuring kale, bok choy, lettuce, spinach, and many many more! We will learn of their agricultural versatility, growing needs, life stages, harvest times, culinary uses, and nutrition. Garden greens are some of the easiest and most vitamin-rich plants to grow. Bring your own garden gloves!


HPC        WE         8/3         6pm-8pm            Reg by 7/15        Free

HPC        SA           8/20       5pm-8pm            Reg by 8/5           Free

HPC        WE         8/31       6pm-8pm            Reg by 8/15        Free


Soil Care Wisdom #         Ages 10+

Soil is teeming with life, knowing how to care for it can provide a gardener with healthier, safer, and more productive garden. This class will focus on nurturing the biology of the soil through simple, inexpensive, and chemical-free methods such as composting, soil amendments, and beneficial critters and plants! Please join us as we learn how to test soil, make compost, and feed plants to feed people. Bring your own garden gloves!


HPC        TU          5/31       6pm-8pm            Reg by 4/15        Free

HPC        SA           6/18       3pm-5pm            Reg by 5/30        Free

HPC        MO        8/8         6pm-8pm            Reg by 7/20        Free


Raised Garden Bed Workshop #                Ages 12+ (Ages 12-15 with adult only)

Come help and learn how to build boxes to grow vegetables; no carpentry skills required! Raised garden bed boxes are simple and practical structures that can be used to turn any space into an immediate garden. Come be part this fun and rewarding experience to help Waukegan and empower yourself with very practical and useful knowledge! Bring your own work gloves and handsaws.


HPC        MO        5/23       6pm-8pm            Reg by 5/1           Free

HPC        SA           5/28       3pm-5pm            Reg by 5/1           Free