Challenge Grant

New gardens = hope

Grass lawns. They may look nice when neatly trimmed, but those swaths of sunny green could be a vegetable garden giving underserved communities access to fresh, locally grown produce. Imagine gardens just steps from a house bursting with leafy greens, luscious tomatoes, sweet carrots, and more. This dream is already happening in the Waukegan area and will grow with your help. 

How? By donating through a crowdfunding campaign. Greentown Grows is part of $eedMoney’s fall garden funding drive and challenge-grant opportunity. The more we raise, the better our chances of winning additional grant money.

Home gardens have the power to feed families, bring neighbors together, and improve health and vitality. Please join us in changing the food system by donating to Greentown Grows today.

Empower families through gardening

Your gift makes it happen. Thank you!

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